Career Coaching Services

Executives & Managers | Get the coaching you need to get-on-track and be prepared to navigate the opportunities and challenges that you're facing in your career.

Whether you’re looking to get unstuck, improve and optimize your current work situation, get promoted, are in career transition, planning for future career moves, or wanting to be more intentional about your professional journey, it makes sense to get expert guidance not only at key pivot points but also to set yourself up for a stronger future.

Working with a professional career coach will help you gain the clarity and confidence to navigate the opportunities and challenges that you are currently facing.

✓ Principles & Processes
✓ Tools & Frameworks to support your journey
✓ Market-Based & Marketing Focused
✓ Expert messaging on your story and value

✓ Supportive Champion
 ✓Trusted Advisor
✓ Practical & Expert approach
✓ Ideation Partner / Connecting-The-Dots

Our Career Coaching Can Help You

Optimize your current role

​Help you with situational awareness in your current role; identify areas of strength and weakness, opportunities and threat and set action plans in motion. Support your success in your job mandate, particularly in environments that are stretching capabilities or challenging. Work with you on an ongoing basis to help you achieve your career goals.

Determine if you should stay or go

​If you're struggling, feeling trapped or blocked or just not certain about whether your current workplace is the vehicle for your next professional steps, we can help. 

Define your professional worth and tell your unique professional story

​If you've reached a place in your career where you're wondering what's next or how to get from where you are to a next step, you may feel blocked because you lack a clear understanding of your unique professional value. We've built a process and tools to help you gain that clarity. Which means you will be in a stronger, more confident position to plan your next step, to make stronger career decisions, to brand yourself forward and to work on your career development. 

Make sense of your career journey and coach you on a direction and path for the future

We work with clients, either individually, or via a career development program on a proactive approach to working on the business of their career.  This can include career planning, goal pursuit, improving market skills, building a more engaged, strategic network, crafting a stronger personal brand and acting as a sounding board for decisions, opportunities and challenges. Achieve a greater degree of control over your professional destiny, increased market power and a systematic approach to moving your career forward.

Get to the next level

When you're ready to put intention and resources behind making that next, strategic career step, we can partner with you to evaluate your professional assets, clearly define your natural targets, link and connect the dots between your offering and the buyer and take action on branding you forward for LinkedIn, and your job application materials, messaging and a plan to seek and win that next level opportunity.

Career Coaching Services

Career coaching is available as a stand-alone service via the packages listed below and can be added on an ad hoc basis to any engagement with us.  We have a talented team of experienced and trained career coaches and career consultants ready to provide you with the expertise, insight and coaching you need to take that next step.

Choose the package that best fits your career profile:

Career Coaching - Professionals & Managers

Starter Package - 3 Hours | Fee: $575

Monthly Package - 2 Meetings/month | Fee: $425/m recurring

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Career Coaching - Sr. Managers & Directors

Starter Package - 3 Hours | Fee: $750

Monthly Package - 2 Meetings/month | Fee: $550/m recurring

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Executive Career Coaching with Ian Christie Starter Package

Starter Package - 3 Hours | Fee: $1000

Monthly Package - 2 Meetings/month | Fee: $700/m recurring

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