Career Transition Services & Coaching for Job Search & Career Change

Executives & Other Senior Professionals | Feel clear, confident and prepared for your job search, promotion campaign, or career change. 

After conducting thousands of interviews, reviewing hundreds of thousands of resumes, and working with 1000+ clients, we can tell you with great certainty that effective job search is about good process. Following proven steps with a career transition coach increases the likelihood that you will be in a situation where you feel like you are choosing, rather than settling for something that you really don’t want.

Hi. I’m Ian Christie, and I lead the Bold Career Project team. Whether you are seeking a promotion or that next big step in your career or ensuring that when the phone rings, you will be ready, you need to tell your story effectively. We are here to help you define your brand. And develop that story. Then, when it comes time to go to market, to help you campaign strategically and effectively.

When you start a job search in a rush, without preparing, you dramatically decrease the likelihood of landing something you really want and deserve.

Our career transition services are a great fit for you if you're ..

  • A current candidate for a live opportunity
  • A manager looking to break through to the next level
  • Proactively exploring the market or setting yourself up for a move in the coming year
  • A career changer looking to translate your experience and expertise to a new domain
  • Working on your job search and need support
  • An entrepreneur or self-employed professional needing to capture your work in a traditional format
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Topics that you can focus on with your Career Transition Coach include... 

Testimonial - Sean Ellickson
  • Situation Analysis & Goal Setting
  • Discovery of your unique professional value
  • Exploration and analysis of target markets
  • Future planning, if undertaking a career change
  • Target Value Proposition Development
  • Branding - LinkedIn: Design and delivery of a LinkedIn profile that you're proud of
  • Branding - Resume: Design and delivery of a Resume that you're proud of
  • Insights into Interviews with Prep / Practice
  • Networking Conversation Scripting / Practice
  • Recommendations on how to uncover the hidden opportunities
  • Custom cover letter development
  • Recommendations on Campaign Activities
  • LinkedIn - How to actually use LinkedIn to build profile, network and reputation
  • Executive Recruiter Insight / Approach Strategy
  • Opportunity Management
  • On-boarding / Setting-up for success once you're on the job
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Our Career Transition Packages

Most popular

The Executive Market Ready 10 Package

You’re relatively clear on your career direction but not quite market ready. This package is designed to help you sharpen your transition strategy, marketing presentation and job market skills.

10-Hours Career Coaching / Consulting - can be flexibly applied to your unique situation & needs

➤ Clarify and articulate your value proposition
➤ Develop and articulate your career story
➤ Solidify the best next role for you
➤ Cover job search strategy & how to overcome any hurdles

➤ Interview Coaching / Mock Interview

Resume for Senior Managers & Executives

LinkedIn Profile - The effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile is critical in making smart career moves. Elevate your LinkedIn profile!

Cover Letter - Tailored to your unique situation

Executive Bio

Recruiters Brief

Thank you letter Template

✓ 6-Months Access to our online career move video lessons, workbooks and resources 



The Executive Market Ready & Search Support 15 Package

This is a comprehensive, full-support package that is designed to help you develop and execute your career transition strategy for an intentional and strategic career move.

15-Hours Career Coaching / Consulting - can be flexibly applied to your unique situation & needs

➤ Explore and clarify the future of your career vision & goals
➤ Develop and articulate your career story, messaging, and value proposition
➤ Solidify the best next role for you
➤ Cover job search strategy & how to overcome any hurdles
➤ Interview preparation and debrief
➤ Opportunity Strategy, Offer assessment and negotiation support

Resume for Senior Managers & Executives

LinkedIn Profile - The effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile is critical in making smart career moves. Elevate your LinkedIn profile!

Two Cover Letters - Tailored to your unique situation

Executive Bio

Recruiters Brief

Thank you letter Template

✓ 6-Months Access to our online career move video lessons, workbooks and resources 

We are often asked ...

"do you have experience with someone like me?"

The answer is almost always YES! Here are some common situations that we deal with every day

  • Client has only a fuzzy idea of their professional value and best fit roles and is unclear about what they want to do next | Very common and a great reason to partner with us. 
  • Client has worked in the same company (or job) for many years and knows little about the modern job search world | For sure. Very common. 
  • Client has one or more hard to explains "bumps" in their career - restructurings, a job that didn't work out, no references - and is having trouble explaining it | Understood. We will help you make sense of the event (or pattern), develop messaging and help you move forward with confidence.
  • Client has recently been exited from their job and is feeling at-risk, confused, and may have low confidence | We've got you. We are very experienced supporting clients in this situation. 
  • Client has worked in a series of roles and feels pigeon-holed or specialized in something they don't want to be focused on, or there isn't much of a market for | Yes, this is common. Our process will help.  
  • Client is experiencing a crisis of confidence | We've got you. 
  • Client is very clear about their next step and needs help making it happen | Bring it on! 

Who is not a fit? That's a great question and not everyone is a fit. Here are the common situations

  • Client is thinking about a career change that is completely unrelated to their previous history (ie. from accountant to dentist). That's not our focus. 
  • Client is looking for a provider to give them "the answer" to what should they do with their life.
  • Client is looking for a provider to do the searching part of job search - finding the job on their behalf. Acting as their recruiter or networker. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Where are your clients located?

We are based in Vancouver Canada. However, our clients are often remote and we work together via Zoom, email, a private dropbox folder and our online platform. Across Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, etc.), the U.S. (Boston, New York, Chicago, Seattle, etc.) and international (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Paris, Mexico City, etc.)

How long does the process take?

It depends on four factors: your level of urgency, how much digging you need to do (and your availability) and which program selected. The Tune-up program could be done in days. Market Ready program could be 2-5 weeks depending on mutual availability, urgency, etc. 

What do I need to do?

Career moves vary in complexity and might involve self-discovery, exploration, learning and execution. We work together in partnership to achieve this. Our expectation of you is that you’re ready to engage in the important work of figuring this out.

What is your refund policy?

You can request a full refund up to and including the first 30 minutes of the first consultation with no questions asked. We do not issue refunds beyond that point. However, unused fees will be returned to you should you elect to stop the process.

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