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Communicate your unique professional story. Get "market ready" for that next move. Resume & LinkedIn profile writing services for Managers & Mid-Career professionals

Feel proud and confident with a market ready resume, or bundle with a Linkedin profile and other documents to powerfully articulate your personal brand and your unique professional value. Our experienced consultants will work in partnership with you to explore and thread together your experience, expertise and direction to create a compelling story. Through the process you will develop self-knowledge, a better understanding of your professional identity and most importantly, confidence that your resume and LinkedIn profile are market ready.

Our professional resume writing services are a great fit for you if you are...

  • A current candidate for a live opportunity
  • Looking to position yourself for a promotion
  • Looking to get hired into a next level role
  • Working on a career pivot or career change and need to better translate your experience and expertise to a new domain
  • Not getting results from your current resume
  • Or you are keen to get support in telling your professional story in a more powerful and compelling way
Bold Career Project

“This process not only helped me to work on materials for updating my LinkedIn presence and future resume, but it enabled me to digest the last 6 years of hard work and begin to evaluate more clearly what I had already accomplished, where I was going, and how I wanted to move forward.”

Software Development Manager (Canada)

We are often asked...
"Do you have experience with someone like me?"

The answer is almost always YES! Here are some common situations that we deal with every day

  • Client has only a fuzzy idea of their professional value and best fit roles and is unclear about what they want to do next | Very common and a great reason to partner with us. 
  • Client has worked in the same company (or job) for many years and knows little about the modern job search world | For sure. Very common. 
  • Client has one or more hard to explain "bumps" in their career - restructurings, a job that didn't work out, no references - and is having trouble explaining it | Understood. We will help you make sense of the event (or pattern), develop messaging and help you move forward with confidence.
  • Client has recently been exited from their job and is feeling at-risk, confused, and may have low confidence | We've got you. We are very experienced supporting clients in this situation. 
  • Client has worked in a series of roles and feels pigeon-holed or specialized in something they don't want to be focused on, or there isn't much of a market for | Yes, this is common. Our process will help.  
  • Client is experiencing a crisis of confidence | We've got you. 
  • Client is very clear about their next step and needs help making it happen | Bring it on! 

Who is not a fit? That's a great question and not everyone is a fit. Here are the common situations

  • Client is thinking about a career change that is completely unrelated to their previous history (ie. from accountant to dentist). That's not our focus. 
  • Client is looking for a provider to give them "the answer" to what should they do with their life.
  • Client is looking for a provider to do the searching part of job search - finding the job on their behalf. Acting as their recruiter or networker. 

Our Experience Writing & Designing Resumes Includes:

  • Marketing resumes | Manager Marketing, Marketing Coordinator, E-Commerce specialist
  • Business Development resumes | Business Development Manager
  • Sales resumes | District Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Rep, 
  • Client Services resumes | Client Services
  • Finance & Accounting resumes | Controller, Treasurer, Accounting Manager
  • Project Management resumes 
  • Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics Resumes
  • Event Management resumes
  • Not-for-Profit resumes
  • Academic resumes

Choose Your Resume Writing Service Today

Management-Level Resume


Work with us to solve this important piece of the puzzle in achieving your professional goals. 

Resume for Management  & Mid-Career Professionals - Professionally written & designed (1-2 pages)

✓ Word and PDF formats

✓ ATS Friendly




Most popular

Market Ready Branding Package


Elevate & communicate your professional identity beyond the resume. Save time w/ a tailored cover letter. Finally develop a LinkedIn profile you can be proud of.

Resume for Management  & Mid-Career Professionals

plus ...

LinkedIn Profile - For most management-level professionals, the effectiveness of the LinkedIn profile is critical in making smart career moves. Elevate your LinkedIn profile!

Cover Letter - Tailored to your unique situation


Market Ready Deluxe Package


A complete professional identity package. The tools you need to succeed in the market & articulate your unique story.

✓ Two 1-hour 1:1 consultations with a personal branding expert

✓ Professionally written and designed Resume (1-2 pages, Word/PDF, ATS Friendly)

LinkedIn Profile

Cover Letter

plus ...

Thank You Letter - We'll write a letter/message for you to re-use

Professional Bio - From proposals to websites to conferences to being a speaker, having a concise & powerful professional bio is a smart investment as your career develops

Recruiter's Brief - A synopsis document that communicates your targets and key-value points to external recruiters

Not sure which package is the right one for you? Got questions? 
If you have a quick question before moving ahead, create a support ticket with the Support Ticket Button on this page.
Or, Get In Touch with us to confidentially discuss your goals and best fit services for you.

Bold Career Project

“Within a month, I had a LinkedIn profile I was proud of, an amazing network of connections, a resume that represented my target job market, and a cover letter that was able to bridge my past work experience to the career change I was seeking.”

Change Management Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions people most frequently ask us about resume services:

How does it work?

One of our professional identity consultants will be assigned to work with you. You will be asked to complete an intake questionnaire to help us understand your goals, target and experience. An additional Jobs Analysis workbook may be assigned to help you inventory your key experiences, accomplishments and the content and level of responsibility in your key roles. Based on the information you’ve provided your consultant will create a first draft for your review, you’ll provide feedback/edits, your consultant will produce the final versions and share with you.

What do I need to do?

Provide us with your background material. Fill out the intake questionnaire (a valuable exercise in thinking through in advance key questions about your strategy). We work together in partnership to achieve this.

Where are your clients located?

We are based in Vancouver Canada. However, our clients are often remote and we work together via Zoom, email, a private dropbox folder and our online platform. Across Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria, etc.), the U.S. (Boston, New York, Chicago, Seattle, etc.) and international (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Paris, Mexico City, etc.)

What is the turn-around time?

From the point of receiving your materials and having our consultation (if applicable), delivery time of the draft is 4-5 business days and within 2 business days to process edits and finalize. Extra time required for bigger branding elements.

What if I need it sooner?

At check-out, you can add the Rush option for an extra fee. 

What is your refund policy?

You can request a full refund up to and including the first 30 minutes of the first consultation with no questions asked. We do not issue refunds beyond that point. 

Bold Career Project

“The framework for collecting details on my background was efficient and went well beyond what I was able to offer up through my previous resume and conversations, and also prepared me to talk crisply about my past experience. The copy writing he did for me is the best I have seen, which resulted in significantly raising the bar for my resume, LinkedIn profile, and bio. The personalized process and results both exceeded my expectations.”

Corporate Controller (US)


Founded by Ian Christie in 2002, Bold Career is a boutique career services business with extensive experience working with executives, senior management and a range of mid-career professionals in career transitions and intentional career growth.

We are proud to be the BC-Affiliate of Career Partners International, providing Outplacement and Career Transition.


A Trusted-Partner for 20+ Years

Bold Career Project

“... drafting my resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profile as well as providing pre interview advice and post interview debriefing meant he was always an integral part of my journey. He has an excellent knowledge of what makes recruiters tick and this insight was immensely helpful. I would highly recommend his services. ”

Business Intelligence Analyst (South Africa / Canada)