Product Manager Testimonial for Career Coaching & Resume Writing

Working with Ian Christie of has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made in my professional career. With Ian’s assistance, I developed an understanding of my own skills and abilities, and I now feel empowered as I know how and to whom I can market my skills to achieve desired results. 

I found the traditional job search frustrating as few opportunities arose and even fewer seemed to have the appropriate fit for me. I was a very challenging client as I had extensive experience in a unique industry with seemingly little transference to other industries; particularly industries that provided the personal fit I so desperately sought. Ian facilitated a structured analysis and definition of my skills which we then packaged and used to approach targeted firms. As a result, I was offered exactly what I was looking for: a challenging position; working with exceptional people and technology; and, within an industry that I am passionate about. 

Ian is a very personable and intelligent individual. He has exceptional knowledge of the job market and effective job search strategies, and his commitment to my success was obvious. Working with Ian provided outstanding results that far exceeded my expectations. I recommend Ian to anyone who wants to take charge of their career and establish a trajectory that can create considerable personal and professional growth. Thank you Ian!
- Sean Ellickson, Product Manager  

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