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Increase Professional Connections During the Holidays

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Holiday Professionalism

A Happy Thanksgiving for US-readers if you celebrated this weekend. We are at the beginning of a holiday season. The holidays are not, contrary to common belief, a career development wasteland. In fact, December & January can be a powerful time for professional connections. One of the types of career development actions we can take in December and January is to meaningfully connect with the people that matter in our professional life.


Consider how you can leverage these …

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How to Build Relationships with Headhunters


Getting Executive Attention With a Credible Reputation

12 Ways to be Credible when the Executive Recruiter Calls

As a leader invested in the health of your career, it is imperative to cultivate connections with reputable executive search consultants (commonly known as headhunters). These specialized executive recruitment agencies, focused on sourcing talent at the management and executive levels, serve as pivotal avenues for potential career advancements. Below, you will find 12 strategies to exhi…

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Career Boosting Tip #6: Networking Advice: Be interesting

Whether you are job search networking or business networking, one sure fire way to slow yourself down is to be boring. Boring isn’t memorable. Boring doesn’t entice someone to want to follow-up. Which is not to say that you should be obnoxious, or outrageous.

Some ways to Increase Interest

Be Yourself

What is it about job search and networking? So many people try and morph themselves into what they think they are supposed to be - and that is transparent.

Be Your Best Self

Not only am I suggesting to …

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Career Boosting Tip #5: Develop Your Top 20 Relationships

Remember back in Tip #3 - Mine your Inbox for Contacts, I talked about working through your email archives to keep track of your contacts. Well, here is the follow-on. It applies, of course, to your universe of contacts, not just those people hanging out in your Inbox.

1. Make a list of your best relationships

These aren’t necessarily your best friends mind you. I am talking about professional relationships. Those people who know you and who have the power to help your career along. Like who? Wel…

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Career Development During the Holidays Series: The Social Phase

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Of course, during the Holidays, you have competing demands for your time and attention. Parties to attend. If you celebrate Christmas, shopping and preparation to do. The lead-up to Christmas is a natural time for socializing. While your schedule may be crammed, there is a career development opportunity.

1. Build Ties within your organization

The Holidays are a natural time to solidify ties within your place of work. Let’s face it. The bonds between colleagues can get stretched. Difficult decision…

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