Executive Job Search Coach Services

Successful career transitions aren’t accidental

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel a sense of direction and control over your career moves? When you start a job search in a rush, without preparing, you dramatically decrease the likelihood of landing something you really want and deserve.

When you pursue or explore job opportunities, you are joining the market for talent. That means that you will usually be in competition with other professionals. You will need to market and sell your offering to buyers, aka decision makers. In all cases, your job is to induce someone to say yes to you and ideally, you should have a specific idea about who that someone is (your target market).

In fact, there are significant risks to not being market ready for your career transition. One of the problems with career transitions is that for many people, the transition has to happen Now! And that means entering the job market or the job promotion shoot-out without being sufficiently prepared. Urgency is sometimes unavoidable, but when urgent replaces common sense preparation, there is a long list of risks you run into, including:

  • Little or no response to your resume
  • Poor interviewing performance
  • Not being able to go for what you really want, or not knowing where you fit and what you want
  • Feeling like you don’t have choices and saying yes to the wrong opportunity (usually the first thing that comes around) and then spending months and years feeling trapped in the wrong job
  • Saying no to the right opportunity because you weren’t clear about your true values were or where you really fit
  • Precious time wasted
  • Longer job search, and perhaps a longer period of unemployment
  • Settling. Not getting your true value
  • Confidence crisis

Successful transitions involve a thorough understanding of what you bring to the market, aligned goals and strategy and a sound process. As an Executive Job Coach, that's what I do.

And at the executive level, there are special circumstances:

  • Managing confidentiality
  • Sifting through years of experience to determine your core professional offering
  • Devising an appropriate executive resume strategy
  • Managing your LinkedIn presence
  • Careful selection of the appropriate channels
  • Managing the exit
  • Bold Career Project

    “Ian has been a tremendous resource for me. He consistantly brings clarity and an action plan to solution for each question or challenge I pose. He is a expert in his field, well connected, and well respected.”

    Director Professional Services

  • Bold Career Project

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

  • Bold Career Project

    “He did a brilliant job helping me to concisely define my own career (and life) goals and objectives.”

    EVP Global Account Management

  • Bold Career Project

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

Strategic Job Search Services for Executives & other mid and senior-level business professionals

After conducting thousands of interviews, reviewing hundreds of thousands of resumes, and working personally with hundreds of clients, we can tell you with great certainty that effective job search is very much about good process.

Following proven steps increases the likelihood that you will be in a situation where you feel like you are choosing, rather than settling for something that you really don’t want.

As an executive, senior manager or senior professional, you are familiar with strategy.

So, what is your strategy for your next move?

If you don’t have a strategy, don’t false start. The biggest and most common issue in career transitions is a lack of preparation, forethought, strategy and focus. 

How can we work together?

We work with a select number of clients via the following methods. You can learn more about each service method at the following links:

And we've created an online training platform for our clients which includes video, course lessons, mind maps and downloadable homework. The platform is available for purchase as a stand-alone, self-serve option.

If you've decided that it is time to finally understand your professional offering, or take a strategic approach to your next move, or invest in a more effective personal marketing campaign, we would like to hear from you.

To tell us, confidentially, about your professional situation and goals, and explore whether it makes sense to work together, please visit our Connect With Us page. 

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    “Ian helped me to take my rather unclear thoughts and ideas regarding my future career path and crystallize them into a realistic and achievable plan to move forward.”

    General Manager

  • Bold Career Project

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp