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Expert Corporate Career Transition Services - a caring, boutique approach to Career Transitions for your outgoing employees

My name is Ian Christie and I lead the coaching team at The Bold Career Project. We specialize in career transitions and personal marketing for mid-level and senior-level professionals. Welcome and thank you for your interest in outplacement services. The Bold Career Project offers experienced, caring, credible and effective outplacement and career transition services for managers, executives and other professionals.

Our Outplacement Services Difference

Here are six key reasons why you might want to consider working with us on your needs.

  1. Beyond-the-Basics: Goodwill is important. So is providing your key outgoing employees with a transition service that builds on what they already know and provides them with a strategic approach to their next career step. At Bold Career, we will hold their hand through the process, but we don't patronize our clients. Our client focus is strategy-based.
  2. Experience & Credibility: Working 1-1 means accessing our deep experience base. We have deep experience with the C-suite, Directors & VPs, Managers and individual contributors. Your outgoing employee will be in good hands.
  3. Marketing Focus: We generally assume that you have employed smart and skilled people. While we delve into foundational questions, the magic of our work is in capturing what the client offers, defining target markets, developing a marketing strategy, creating compelling marketing materials, coaching the client through a multi-channel marketing process and assisting them with negotiating the right decision for them. Of course, we meet the client where they are and adapt to suit services to support their situation and goals.
  4. Individualized: We learned a long time ago that the flexible application of process was the way to go with clients. That's why we don't force process on clients that don't need it. At the same time, we ensure that those that do need it, get it.
  5. Online Platform Enabled: We've developed an online platform to host the models, online course material (video, lessons and downloadable workbooks) that underpin client engagements
  6. Global Reach: We've worked with clients from across Canada and around the world. We're also proud to be the Affiliate for Career Partners International in the Vancouver and British Columbia market. As such, we are providing Outplacement, Career Transition, and Partner Relocation services on behalf of Career Partners International. With 350+ offices across 50 countries, if your organization has operations outside of BC, we have you covered.

What can you expect from Bold Career's Career Transition Services?

As a Service Provider: We've worked with hundreds of clients and companies over the years in various capacities delivering professional services. Timely communication.

For Your Employees: Caring, discrete, go the extra mile to help them understand and package their value in the marketplace. The best application of our service is with outgoing employees who have a basic grasp of the fundamentals of career management and career transition and who could benefit from an intermediate or advanced approach to their transition marketing campaign. At the management and executive level, we build on the client's professional background, help the client articulate and market that offering, and devise the best strategies to reach their market.

Typical situations that we can help…

Level: We have extensive experience with executives, management as well as many types of individual contributors.

Services: We can support you in notification, post-notification and through the candidate's career transition process, including:

  • Support the candidate with coaching and messaging as they process their exit
  • Help candidate's prepare for a specific opportunity (strategy, resume, cover letter, interview coaching)
  • Help them design and navigate a job search or explore a career change
  • Help candidates proactively define their professional value and their natural target markets
  • Get them branded and up to speed on LinkedIn or a personal website
  • Deliver assessments tools as needed
  • Enabling their pursuit of a stronger personal brand, network development, self-employment, and online platform projects

Your Next Step

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