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Are You Clear on Your Value? And Direction? 

Reach your Highest Professional Ambitions with the Training Academy for the New Class of White Collar Professional 

You are proud of the contributions and accomplishments you have created so far in your career. But you aren’t done. Whether you are seeking a promotion or that next big step in your career or ensuring that when the phone rings, you will be ready, you need to tell your story effectively. We are here to help you define your brand. And develop that story. Then, when it comes time to go to market, to help you campaign strategically and effectively.

 My purpose in life is to assist and support you in the bold development of one of the most important features of your life - your career. Whether you are a passive or active job seeker or are focused on taking your career to the next level of responsibility, income and profile, the Bold Career Project is focused on 

  • Personal Branding Formula
  • Career Change Code
  • Pioneering Approaches to Career Design