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A Plea for Boldness

What can I say? The times call for boldness. In managing our careers and lives.

I don’t mean brash. Nor flash. Nor large, uncalculated risks.

The situation is as follows: There are way more job seekers than jobs at the moment. Companies aren’t hiring very much. High paying jobs are getting outsourced. There are a lot of well qualified folks out there under or unemployed.

So, what’s your stategy for success? Take your chances? Wait for a turnaround? Keep doing the same things even if they aren’t working?

Let me ask you a question. Among your professional peer group, do you stand out from the crowd? Do you have a reputation for excellence, performance, quality, specialized knowledge, service or sheer doggedness in the face of adversity? How credible are you? You need something to hang your hat on. To distinguish yourself.

There has NEVER been a better time to develop a bold career.

Being bold means having the courage and vision to stand out from the crowd. Be yourself. Be confident. Stand for something. Commit. Be the best you can possibly be. Take calculated risks. Change your patterns. Learn new things. Develop your own brand. Invent. Serve. Follow-up. Deliver. Define who you are and what you do well and improve on that. Change. Learn. Adapt. Pursue. Have a mission and a vision.

Not only will this give you purpose and meaning, but it will also separate you from the vast majority of folks who go through the motions. And, speaking from personal experience, it is way more fun. Take a look at for free resources to help you on your journey.

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