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Career Boosting Tip #2: Journal

You can feel the momentum and inertia of all of your professional and personal roles building and we aren’t half way through January yet.

There is a natural energy to the New Year. If you haven’t already, Schedule time in your calendar for some planning.

Personally, I write in my Moleskine, but whatever works for you.

Book some uninterrupted time to try and learn from the previous year and shape the new year.

Take stock:

  • How do you feel about your job and career progress? 

  • What did you learn about yourself? 

  • What do you want more of? 

  • What do you want less of?


  • What would you like to change, be, do, and make happen? 

  • If you already have a personal plan, how are you progressing?

These aren’t resolutions. What I am suggesting is a few hours of quiet time for a personal check-up to seriously ask yourself, how am I doing?

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