The Bold Career Team

Leadership & Content Team 

Ian Christie - CEO & Chief Career Strategist, Executive Career Coach

I am a Vancouver Canada – based Career Coach and Executive Career Consultant and founder of the Bold Career Project, a leading provider of career consulting, career coaching, online courses for the executive, leadership and senior professional market. A two-time entrepreneur, former senior director at, and former retained executive search consultant and former head of graduate career services for a global top 100 business school, I bring deep experience in the fields of personal marketing, careers, self-employment, and senior recruitment, and a passionate believer in the power of the individual to achieve great things. Learn more about my background here.

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Matt Jackson - Coach & Client Services

I manage customer experience and business operations at The Bold Career Project. I’m also an Executive Coach who loves to work with entrepreneurs and mid-level managers. 

My experience includes 25+ years leading teams and projects in dynamic organizations including Lululemon and five successive Olympic and Paralympic Games organizing committees. I have deep experience in leading cross-functional teams and driving operational integration within growing organizations. 

Outside of work, I’m a father of four, I enjoy trail running, skiing and exploring on my e-bike. I’m based in North Vancouver, Canada

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Career Coaching & Resume Writing Team

Wendy Mann - Career Coach, Interview Coach

I am a certified career coach, ICF credentialed member and EQ assessment practitioner. I am passionate about supporting professionals in all stages of their career to achieve greater fulfillment in their life and work. In addition to working with mid-career client transitions at Bold Career Project, I work with UBC’s Sauder School of Business MBA and Alumni populations to provide 1:1 coaching, career growth strategies and exploration of new career paths.  I bring over 20 years’ prior experience as a sales director in the private sector with organizations such as American Express and Apple.


Veronica Widmer - Career Coach, Interview Coach

I really enjoy supporting mid-career clients of diverse professional backgrounds as they explore next career steps, whether internal or external from their existing organization. Since 2005, I have collaborated with a diverse set of clients through their individual career transitions including building the practical tool kit (including resume, LinkedIn, cover letter and interviewing techniques) but also reflecting on the critical part of job fit based on interests, skills, values and strengths.

Snapshots from my professional background include career management coaching with the UBC Sauder School of Business, as an outplacement consultant at The Focus Group/ Career Partners International and the YWCA. 

I have continuously focused on self-improvement through learning including a Bachelor of Commerce from UBC's Sauder School of Business, an Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Simon Fraser University specializing in Management and Organizational Studies and a certificate in organizational coaching through UBC Continuing Studies, certification via the International Coach Federation as a  Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Most recently, I have been re-certified on the use of Birkman Method, an amazing tool used widely for career and leadership development.  Another powerful tool I have been certified to use is the emotional intelligence assessment by Roche Martin (Emotional Capital Report) including 360. 

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Elena Giorgetti - Career Coach, Interview Coach

I am a certified career coach, with an ACC credential from ICF and a Certified Organizational Coach from the University of British Columbia. I am also a certified EQ assessment practitioner. 

I started my career as a recruiter in a Fortune 500 global consulting firm and worked in both Europe and North America. In addition, I bring more than 10 years of experience as a Career Coach with one of Canada’s top business schools. My experience as both a recruitment insider and as a career development specialist enables me to offer a unique blend of support and guidance to the clients I work with.

I am passionate about the work I do and I am recognized for my empathy, spontaneous sense of humour and goal-oriented approach.

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Julien Lafrenière - Lead Resume Writer, LinkedIn Writer

All resume writers will tell you how important it is to stand out from the crowd to get noticed.
Well, it is. But how do you do this? They will tell you that you need to emphasize your strongest expertise and achievements. This is true. But is it enough? Of course not, they will say. You also need to tailor your content to the target job’s requirements, both to meet the company’s needs and to get through the ATS screening phase. Well, that’s great. But isn’t something lacking? Indeed, there is. At a time when it's become increasingly accessible to apply to positions with a single click, how will you make your resume one in a hundred? Or one in a thousand?

Good salespeople will tell you that you don't sell a product or a service, but rather an experience. No matter what my clients do or where they're at in their career, I'm selling who they are as a person, rather than selling simply what they do. People hire people, not results-generating machines. Let's work together to put a narrative behind those numbers. A story behind those achievements. A great character -you- which employers will easily imagine as part of their organization. A character who they'll want to meet as part of an interview. Let's put YOU on paper and create the trailer to a movie that no employers will want to miss.

I bring experience as a Senior Resume Writer and Language Expert (English & French) with one of the world's largest Outplacement services companies and as a Translator and Certified Resume & Branding Coach for a career coaching firm. Passionate about meeting new people, I take pride in building close rapport with my clients to understand their unique backgrounds and desires, helping them confidently attack the job market with high-quality, tailored documents.

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