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Whether you’re looking to improve and optimize your current work situation, or are in career transition, planning for future a career move, or wanting to be more intentional about your professional journey, it makes sense to get expert guidance not only at key pivot points but also to set yourself up for a stronger future. We offer career coaching and consulting services in two broad areas: strategic career moves and intentional career growth.

Bold Career Project

“The enormous value I received from your positive and encouraging coaching cannot be overestimated...The experience of being coached by someone towards a very specific goal, which involved some difficult thinking on my part and a lot of patient probing on your part, was very positive. It got the job done. And it got me the job. ”

Senior Sales Representative (Canada)

Bold Career Project

“... a great career coach, more importantly excellent in molding his approach based on requirement of an individual. He comes with great knowledge of the industry and is an eternal optimist yet practical individual who guided me in a very structured manner through my journey.”

Senior Manager, Finance Transformation (Canada)

Bold Career Project

“There are times when a manager needs an ally and a coach. You were this and more. You created a comfortable context by phone and e-mail, even before we met where you could share your insights on the management issues I was dealing with. ”

Program General Manager

Our Approach

We have a talented team of experienced and trained career coaches and career consultants ready to provide you with the expertise, insight and coaching you need to take that next step.

Career Coaching Packages

Career coaching is available as a stand-alone service via the coaching packages listed below and can be added on an ad hoc basis to any engagement with us. 

Career Coaching in a Project

Career coaching is embedded in (and can be added / supplemented to) career transition services, career change services, professional identity (resume, LinkedIn, personal branding) services or LinkedIn profile services.

Career Coaching with Programs

Our signature Intentional Career Growth Program can be bundled with career coaching support - a smart way to more accountability, perspective and better internalize and take action on your findings. Learn more about intentional career growth.

We believe that there are complementary roles to play for both career coaching and career/personal marketing consulting and that you likely need a mix of both.

Principles & Processes: Our work is based on the premise that you have a set of professional assets and that there are natural target markets for what you do.

Tools & Frameworks: Over 20+ years, our founder Ian has developed and tested numerous tools and frameworks to help you 

Market-Based & Marketing Focused: You are both a seller of your talent, expertise and time and a buyer for your next work opportunity. Gaining attention, making your case and pursuing career goals that are grounded in a realistic, validated understanding of the market's needs is a vital part of the process. We are students of marketing.

Messaging: We have a gift for finding the right words to describe your offering, or make the case. We also work with you to craft and deliver the right messaging for difficult to explain situations.

Supportive Champion: Unconditional support & encouragement balanced with honest feedback. Constructive challenges to assumptions.​

Trusted Advisor: Honest & critical feedback. high-level, insightful advice.

Practical & Expert: We bring a strategic and practical approach to your career development, career moves and personal branding grounded on 20+ years of real-world experience. Deep understanding of the marketplace, career management, job search strategy, uncovering/identifying opportunities and expertise in the recruitment/hiring process.

Ideation Partner / Connecting-The-Dots: We excel at ideation and future based planning and have an uncanny ability to pull the threads of your career together, to define patterns and identify opportunities and areas of strength.

Career Coaching Focus Areas

Help you optimize your current role

​Help you with situational awareness in your current role; identify areas of strength and weakness, opportunities and threat and set action plans in motion. Support your success in your job mandate, particularly in environments that are stretching capabilities or challenging. Work with you on an ongoing basis to help you achieve your career goals.

Help you determine if you should stay or go

​If you're struggling, feeling trapped or blocked or just not certain about whether your current workplace is the vehicle for your next professional steps, we can help. 

Help you define and tell your unique professional story

​If you've reached a place in your career where you're wondering what's next or how to get from where you are to a next step, you may feel blocked because you lack a clear understanding of your unique professional value. We've built a process and tools to help you gain that clarity. Which means you will be in a stronger, more confident position to plan your next step, to make stronger career decisions, to brand yourself forward and to work on your career development. 

Help you make sense of your career journey to date and coach you on a direction and path for the future

We work with clients, either individually, or via a career development program on a proactive approach to working on the business of their career.  This can include career planning, goal pursuit, improving market skills, building a more engaged, strategic network, crafting a stronger personal brand and acting as a sounding board for decisions, opportunities and challenges. Achieve a greater degree of control over your professional destiny, increased market power and a systematic approach to moving your career forward.

Help you win an opportunity

If you've been contacted by an executive recruiter, tapped on the shoulder for a potential promotion or you've applied to a job and won an interview, we can help increase your ability to win the opportunity (as well as help you think through whether it's the right opportunity for you). From acting as a hiring process expert and strategy partner to helping with your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to preparing for and de-briefing interviews to supporting during negotiations, get expert help on this important career moment.

Help you design and navigate a job search where your target is similar or at the next level to where you are currently

Whether you are thinking proactively about entering the job market or dealing with a current job search, we can help you design and navigate a more strategic transition with job search services which can result in a more successful career move, decrease job search time, a bigger role, potentially more income, and/or achieving more alignment between your work and your strengths, interests and values.

Help you undertake and navigate a career change; either one where you have ideas to explore and validate, or where your search is open-ended

When you're undertaking or exploring a bigger career move, like a career change or career pivot, we bring deep experience and expertise in helping you explore, target and execute on your career change. Our process begins with triangulating between your unique professional assets, the jobs/markets best suited to you and what you want to do. 

Help you articulate and package your Professional Identity

You might be an executive who wants to get their personal brand in order, or a professional services provider who should be better leveraging LinkedIn for business development and building authority in your target market. Get a handle on your personal brand.

Help you get to the next level

When you're ready to put intention and resources behind making that next, strategic career step, we can partner with you to evaluate your professional assets, clearly define your natural targets, link and connect the dots between your offering and the buyer and take action on branding you forward for LinkedIn, and your job application materials, messaging and a plan to seek and win that next level opportunity.

Help you elevate and leverage your LinkedIn profile

If you're not sure how to approach LinkedIn, or suspect that your basic profile isn't cutting it, we can help design and write a powerful, industry and personal brand-appropriate LinkedIn profile as well as support you in the development of a strategy to better leverage LinkedIn for your business, career development, or career change goals.

Our Career Coaching Packages

Looking for expert guidance to help you achieve ambitious goals, elevate your performance or get un-stuck in your current role (career situation)? Working with a professional career coach will help you build confidence and clarity as you navigate the opportunities and challenges in your currently facing.

Choose the package that best fits your needs:

Career Coaching - 3 Hours

This package provides short-term support (1-2 months), ideal for helping you navigate a specific career opportunity or challenge.

✓ 3-Hours Career Coaching / Career Consulting

✓ Intake Questionnaire


Most popular

Career Coaching - 7 Hours

This package provides medium-term support (2-6 months), ideal for supporting you with multiples areas of your career or ongoing opportunities or challenges.

✓ 7-Hours Career Coaching / Career Consulting

✓ Intake Questionnaire

Career Coaching - 15 Hours

This package provides medium to longer-term support (6+ months) or is ideal for a more intensive career coaching / career consulting project.

✓ 15-Hours Career Coaching / Career Consulting

plus ... 

✓ Intake Questionnaire and any Bold Career tools relevant

Not sure which package is the right one for you? Got questions? 

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