Hi! I’m Ian Christie, Founder, CEO & lead instructor & creator.

Whether you’ve just landed an interview and are scrambling to prepare, or are taking a proactive approach to leveling-up your skills and getting market ready for future career moves, we are here to help with our interview coaching services. 

1. Our Approach to Interview Coaching Services

Interviewing successfully requires that you articulate and sell the link between what you offer and the buyer’s requirements. You are called on to demonstrate your level of competency in key job areas, sell your knowledge of the industry, and demonstrate fit.

And amidst this selling, you need to be assessing your own sense of fit and suitability – for the job, the people, the culture and as a next step in your career. Beyond these fundamentals, you are also creating rapport with your potential future colleagues.

In the end, it is about how well you have answered their implicit question: “Why you?”

The key pillars to interviewing well are:

  • Confidence, presence and a strong mental game
  • Interviewing for a job that is a fit
  • A strong level of self-awareness about your professional offering
  • A true level of interest or curiosity about the opportunity
  • Strong technical performance and avoidance of the red flags
  • Insightful understanding of the hiring organization and the position being filled
  • The ability to connect the dots between your background, competencies, expertise and track record of performance with their needs.

Our approach, customized to your needs, includes a combination of training, consulting, coaching, mock interviews and collaboration. We'll be your champion while giving you honest, constructive feedback. We can help you see what you don't see - your unique strengths and assets as well as opportunities to show up stronger.

2. How you'll benefit from our interview coaching services

Sharpen your presentation & presence

Master the predictable interview questions. Develop your responses

Clarify your strengths & gaps. Design a strategic response

Identify & craft powerful stories for behavioural interviewing questions

Speak to both the stated and implicit requirements of the job opportunity

Effectively navigate the application -> interview > offer -> referencing process

3. Our Team of Expert Interview Coaches

Wendy Mann, Career Coach, Interview Coach  

Veronica Widmer, Career Coach, Interview Coach

Ian Christie, Executive Career Coach, Executive Interview Coach

A Trusted-Partner for 20+ Years

4. How You Can Work With Us

There are a few ways that you engage with our interview coaching services. 

  1. Self-Paced: You can purchase access to Ian's Interview Skills and Strategy online course ($79). 
  2. 1-1 Interview Coaching: We offer a stand-alone interview coaching package. We can also work on an hourly basis as your needs evolve.
  3. 1-1 Candidate Solutions Package: We can work with you to develop your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile in advance of an application deadline. 
  4. Career Move Packages: We offer comprehensive Career Move packages, where interview coaching is an essential part of the process. These packages include resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing and the career coaching/consulting and interview coaching you need to make a successful career move. 

To learn more, click the button below. You will have the option of scheduling a 20-min Discovery Call, or communicating via email. If this is time sensitive, please indicate the interview or application date so we're better able to respond on our availability. 

We invite you to get in touch, either via scheduling a 20-min Discovery Call, or via email.

If this is time sensitive, please indicate the interview or application date so we're better able to respond with our availability.