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They are Just that Into You

My website is hosted on the very cool Squarespace platform and I can’t say enough about the folks behind it. Interestingly, the Squarespace folks posted what I thought was something noteworthy. It seems that they have just hired someone, a web developer / designer / blogger / twitterer,  by the name of Jonathan Snook, and well, they are pretty excited about it. Apparently, this is something they have been trying to make happen for quite some time. And now, he is on board. 

Think about it for a second. Shouldn’t we all aim to be this wanted and welcomed when we sell or loan our talent to someone new? Whether it is working on a new project team, or switching departments within our current organization, or changing to a new company, or volunteering to serve on a not-for-profit Board, generating anticipation and a celebratory reaction on the part of your new boss / colleagues is a bar worth aiming for. 

This equally applies to me and other entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals. If we are playing our cards right, we should be doing business with people / organizations who are pretty happy to have us on the job. 

It sounds like a high bar, and it is. But there is more to it than just being in demand. This idea also means that you have identified a segment of your market that really digs you. In fact, it gets a lot easier when you put yourself in a place where those people that are most able to appreciate your unique gifts actually know who you are and have experienced your work in some way. Notice how Mr. Snook is a web developer slash etc.

I like it. 

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