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Welcome to the program designed to help you move forward on your professional journey with intention, clarity and confidence. 

Hey there! My name is Ian Christie and I am honoured that you've navigated your way to this page. 

If you're reading this, I suspect that you're looking for some form of change or improvement in your professional life ... more confidence, clarity, professional well-being and success. And that's great news. You see, we're never done managing our professional journey until we decide it is time to step-off the road.

My mission is to bring this program to thousands of professionals like you. I personally cannot wait to guide you through the program and beyond.

I have built deep experience in career transitions, career growth strategies and personal branding through 20+ years in roles that have included executive recruitment, leading the MBA career centre at Sauder UBC, product leader at the world's largest job board, and as a writer and speaker. And I've personally worked with 1000+ professionals - from senior executives to senior managers, mid-level managers, MBAs and keen early career professionals. In short, I've devoted my career to helping you design and navigate yours.

I look forward to seeing you inside the program!

Ian Christie
CEO & Chief Career Strategist

  • Bold Career Project

    “Fantastic! In just a couple of weeks this course has provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed to make more intentional, informed career decisions. This course would be beneficial for everyone - regardless of career stage and desires - and I will certainly be recommending the next session to my peers.”

    Sr. Program Manager (Canada)

  • Bold Career Project

    “I elected to take the program with its coaching option. The program was, and remains, a life changer for me. New ways of thinking. One aha after another. ”

  • Bold Career Project

    “I just finished the last lesson of the course - and I found myself feeling a bit emotional! I already said in my previous email how fantastic the course has been...the content has been so valuable. It's not only inspired me to take immediate action on some items, but it's greatly influenced the way that I view the trajectory of my career path.”

    Sustainability Consultant (Canada)

  • Bold Career Project

    “This program was different. Right from the first module, I was impressed. The content was original and engaging, and Ian delivered it in a confident and affable style.

    The Intentional Career Growth Program was the single best course on career management I have ever taken. It gave me the perspective to identify my career missteps and armed me with the tools to better understand what it truly takes to be strategic in your professional journey. I wish this course was around 20 years ago! ”

    General Manager (Canada)

  • Bold Career Project

    “I was a bit wary to join as I haven't found online training to be for me but Ian's combination of online discussion, offline reflection and his leadership made the program extremely worthwhile. The program helped me reflect on what I had done in my career and where I would like to go. I use the information I received from Ian's workshops and our fellow participants on a daily basis in both professional and personal situations...I would highly recommend both the Intentional Career Growth program...”

    Regional Sales Manager (Canada)

Get in the Driver's Seat with Your Career

Too many professionals feel that there's been too much accident to their career trajectory and not enough intention and vision. Too many lack confidence and clarity in their professional story and value, where they are going, and what they want to do next. Too many have an exciting mental picture but can't connect the dots. 

My mission is to break that cycle. To host a program that brings together smart, motivated professionals who care about the quality and direction of their career. 

This is an evolving online program that you can do on your own or with the support of our coaching team. In the program, you'll develop a holistic view of your career to date and identify your next step career path. You'll experience a series of 9 modules with video lessons, reflection workbooks, and recommended action items. The program also includes self-assessments, accountability elements, and a library of resources to support you in in the creation and management of your professional journey. 

When you enrol in the program, you'll experience...

Strategic Insights

You are seller (and buyer) in a marketplace for skills, expertise and value creation. We will raise your awareness of the market, the drivers you can exercise, and your influence over your professional journey.

Powerful Reflection

As an acton in the marketplace, you must understand and manage you - the "product." Who are you professionally? What is important to you? And where are you going? 


Assess your career management strengths and weaknesses, your current Risks and Opportunities, your benchmark market power and professional relationship index.


The problem with working "ON" your professional journey is that it doesn't feel urgent. Until you've lost control or make a bad, rushed decision. And then you're in crisis mode. Let's stop that right now. The program adds a platform of accountability to your professional life.

Tangible Action

There will be enormous value in the learning, assessment and reflection described above. We want to take it a step further and get you to make tangible and valuable real world actions to "level-up." 

Ongoing Updates, Additions & Improvements

Like you, we strive to do better and create more impact. That's why you'll find the program evolving and resources and coaching tools being added. You'll have access to these upgrades as long as you are enrolled. 

Who is this Career Management Program For?

We designed the program for mid-career management and executive level professionals. However, we've had 20-somethings and late-career participants who've had great results. 

You are a fit if you're bringing (1) a spark of intention, a positive or negative charged energy that is causing you to take action on improving or re-directing your professional journey + (2) a willingness to do some ongoing work ON your career and not just inside your job.

Here are the most common sparks: 

  • An "event" (an internal promotion opportunity, a lay-off, a key decision) is compelling you to take action now
  • You have a desire to make a change that's either defined (help me get from here to there), or undefined (help me figure out X)
  • You are bringing energy around a thing / state that you want explore and pursue
  • You are on a quest to better understand your professional story, value and fit in the marketplace and what's possible in the future
  • Or, you're bringing determination to level-up, play a bigger game, get promoted, move up the ranks.

The #1 problem we see in our client work is that by ignoring the work "ON" your career, unintended consequences emerge - narrower options, less opportunity, greater risk. 

If you're tired of being reactive, of settling, of lacking confidence with your professional value, I invite you to join the Intentional Career Growth Program. You're in the right place, and here's why....

We are going to start turning you into a product manager or producer of your career so that you can identify and pursue your next professional step with intention and confidence. 

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Re-framed how you view your "career" and discover your powerful why
  • Elevated your understanding of the market, exposed the limitations of 'job posting roulette' and tapped into powerful frameworks and systems that you can use to level-up
  • Identified your next step journey type and what's important now to successfully move forward
  • Leveraged frameworks to systematically level-up your market power
  • Developed appreciation, clarity and  and confidence in your professional story, value, and your natural target  markets
  • Gone deep on personal marketing and levelling up your marketability
  • And more ...

 Take a Glimpse Inside the Program

What’s Inside

Module 0 - Pre-Departure - Uncover Your Why & Pathway

We introduce you to the training, dig into what's brought you to the program and discover your pathway. An important start to set you up for the program.

M0-2 lesson Image.001

Module 1 - Re-Frame of Your Professional Journey

Re-frame your career as a professional journey. Elevate your awareness of the market. Learn about the systems that power career health and growth.

Intentional Career Growth Program Week 1

Modules 2 & 3 - Discover Your Unique Core Building Blocks

Understand & leverage your core building blocks (professional assets). Includes your experience, track record, professional expertise and capabilities and the drivers that form your "why" and "how". Discover your professional habitat. Leverage the power of story and explore how to better show your body of work

Intentional Career Growth Program Week 2

Module 4 - Strengthen Your Base. Plan Your Next Step

In this module, you begin to look outward. You'll cover how to assess and strengthen your current work. Then, the guidelines, routes and moves for next career steps.

Intentional Career Growth Program Week 4

Module 5 - Define Your Market Promise & Awareness

In this module, we look outward, examining your "market promise" and your awareness of your market and ecosystem.

Intentional Career Growth Program Week 5

Modules 6 & 7 - Elevate Your  Professional Marketability

The difference maker between those with a surplus of professional opportunities and those without is the external world of personal marketing, professional relationships and reputation management. In these lessons, you will learn the driving principles and strategies to help make your vision, professional goals, and next professional step happen.

Intentional Career Growth Program Week 6

Module 8 - Execute on Your Vision & Next Step

Resources to help you navigate and take action across the 5 different journey types. 

Intentional Career Growth Program Week 8

Choose Your Program Option Today

If you're ready to take more ownership of your professional journey to plan, design, and lead a stronger professional future, this is the program for you. You can do the program solo or get coaching support (highly recommended!). 

The Intentional Career Growth Program - ICGP

All 9 Modules

✓ Assessment Tools

✓ 12-Months Access

✓ All Future Content Upgrades during Access Period

✓ Special "Founding Member" Renewal Rate



The ICGP + Manager & Mid-Career Level Coaching

All Program Elements described 

✓ 12-months Program Access

plus ...

5-Hours Personalized Coaching - Accelerate your progress & get increased accountability

✓ Add additional Coaching & Services at Preferred Rate



The ICGP + Executive Level Coaching

All Program Elements described 

✓ 12-months Program Access

plus ...

5-Hours Personalized Executive-level Coaching - Accelerate your progress & get increased accountability

✓ Add additional Coaching & Services at Preferred Rate


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