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Quiz Results Reveal that References are your Biggest Job Search Challenge

Since I launched the Market Ready Challenge Quiz in January, thousands of you have tested your job search or career change readiness. (The quiz is still open, so head on over and test yourself, if you are, or are planning on being, "on the market").

What is really interesting is to review what areas of the job search process respondents have trouble with. I will share more at a later date. However, cutting to the chase...

References consistently scored the lowest. Respondents reported that among the various components of being "market ready" for their job search / career transition, they were least ready, or prepared in having a set of professional references to support their job search.

Your professional references are incredibly important.
  • Your resume gets you the interview
  • Your interviewing gets you to the finalist candidate or conditional offer stage
  • Your references help close the deal
The good news is that you can do something about this and I can help. So, I am hard at work cooking up something to help you with that referencing challenge. And as a personal challenge to myself, I am trying to do it fast and intensively.

Stay tuned.

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