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Personal Marketing | Minimize Self-Inflicted Career Wounds

There are areas of working IN and ON your career that require your ongoing attention or end up hurting your progression, reputation and professional well-being. They apply to everyone. Self-inflicted means that you’ve ignored, not noticed, or not acted to avoid or take corrective action. See the 7 best steps to take...

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7 Professional Development Book Recommendations

Great Books on Professionalism

As a follow-up to my previous article on building a professional development reading habit, here's a selection of the 21 now 22 professional development books I've read (not including fiction and general interest non-fiction) so far this year.

Atomic Habits

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results by James Clear: At least 70% of our daily actions are done by habit. If you want to find ways to install good habits and get rid of bad habits, this is the book. Huge recommend.


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Develop a Professional Development Reading Habit

Do You Have a Growth-Oriented Daily Reading Habit?

The cumulative impact of reading about personal and professional growth-oriented subjects on a daily basis is one of the surest ways to expand as a professional and a human being. This year, I increased my professional development reading commitment: frequency (daily), quantity (shooting for 30 books) and breadth (outside of my comfort zone). For me, the results have been explosive including expanded self-awareness and effectiveness, increased un…

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