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Get Leverage to Accelerate Your Results

I am in the process of onboarding a part-time executive assistant service and in support of that, this week I read a book by Michael Hyatt titled Your World-Class Assistant (Hiring, Training, and Leveraging an Executive Assistant). Each of us has key accountabilities that drive our success. These are our highest level priorities. And yet, we are buried in a wide array of work and personal tasks. It isn’t always clear which directly supports these priorities and which don’t.

More Time. More Impact…

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Gratitude is a Career Skill - The Most Important Minute of My Day

Professional Gratitude

It can be very easy to get lost in the dark side of what’s not going well. What could you be grateful for right now in your professional life? For me, I’m feeling grateful on a variety of fronts and excited and energized by the work that I get to do. The Career Growth Program now has customers going through their first month with great feedback and there are more about to start. I’m working with some talented and interesting clients and I’m grateful for the trust they besto…

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How to Conquer what’s Holding you Back

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Between where you are now and the future you envision for yourself is an inner enemy. That enemy is resistance. From Steven Pressfield:

On the field of the Self stand a knight and a dragon. You are the knight. Resistance is the dragon.

The bolder your vision, the more formidable your enemy. Every one of us goes toe-to-toe with this enemy everyday. From sticking to an exercise regime or healthy eating, to professional projects like:

  • Launching your own thing

  • Proactively…

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Responding to Inner Enemies and Market Forces

Recognize & Address Your Professional Liabilities

I have met my inner enemies and they are perfection and complexity.

For too long, I have been intending to send you new newsletters, and blog more, and announce new offerings to help with your career management, job search, career change and personal branding goals. And then I get stuck. Since the How to Manage your Career in Scary Times report, not a lot of activity. Like you, I have obligations that I can easily use an an excuse. In my case, ther…

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Holiday Balance

How To Advance Your Career During The Holidays

Christmas is an important time in my family, and the holidays are a time when there is an opportunity to connect with the kids. But, there are a lot of things competing for that peaceful attention.

Here are some strategies that might help:

Prioritize the Season

The first thing to do is decide how important the Holiday season is for you. There are a lot of expectations swirling around the holidays. If it is important, then treat it so. If not, then let g…

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