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I am having fun!

There, I said it. Building my business by supporting your career development is exactly what I want to be doing. So, I count myself very fortunate. Thanks for being part of this audience. Here is a quick update on what’s new and what’s coming:

What’s new?
1. The Monitoring Services has expanded with a new private client site. This is the weekly email reporting service where clients log their goals, action items, progress, and where they are stuck. I support by replying to their weekly email with support, advice, accountability, encouragement, ideas, etc. as needed. Current clients love it. The private client site will also support conversations between clients via the comments feature.

2. A newly created Executive Career Services area

3. A redesigned Mid-Career / Management Coaching area.

4. Reading Recommendations on the blog: Finally implemented a short-list of recommended reading (see the left-hand column of the Blog). Will continue to build this.

5. Expanded resume services

What’s coming?
1. Madly working on an ebook which I “hope” to release before the New Year. Stay tuned.

2. Exciting new assessment products coming online soon.

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