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Start 2024 With Smart Career Journey Action

Are you excited about what's possible for your professional life this year? Do you have a plan to grow? It is very normal to lose sight of those goals or ignore the power that a new 12-month cycle brings. I'm going to guess that as the New Year rolls over, you’ll have one of three states:

(1) excitement about continued success and growth,

(2) resolution to figure out how to fix a bad or just so-so professional situation, or

(3) resignation/settling that you'll continue to coast or endure your profe…

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Create Increased Job Security & Opportunity in your Current Company

Let’s talk job security. I hope you are fortunate to have a boss who is your biggest champion.

When the only person in your organization who knows the good work you do is your immediate manager, you have a problem.

Your boss has their own career pressures. Your boss may view their success as being dependent on you staying where you are. And many managers are not attuned to the development needs of their team.

Not to mention the risk of relying on one champion who at some point may leave the team or…

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They are Just that Into You

My website was hosted on the the innovative Squarespace platform and I have nothing but praise for the exceptional team behind it. Interestingly, the Squarespace folks posted what I thought was something noteworthy. It seems that they have just hired someone, a versatile talent known for his skills as a web developer / designer / blogger / twitterer,  by the name of Jonathan Snook, and well, they were pretty excited about it. Apparently, this was something they had been trying to make happen for…

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mountain hut in snow

Career Development During the Holidays

The Holidays are not a career development wasteland. In fact, December & January are a powerful time for career development. There are 3 time periods, or natural phases that take place during the Holidays and each phase has its own inherent opportunities. They are:

  1. The Social Phase

  2. The Reflective Phase

  3. The New Beginnings Phase

How can you make the most of the holidays?


The Social Phase

Of course, during the Holidays, you have competing demands for your time and attention. Parties to attend. If you cel…

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Mastering the 'Tell Me About Yourself' Interview Question

How to master the 'Tell Me About Yourself' Interview Question

Answering the 'Tell Me About Yourself' question in an interview can be a challenging task for many individuals. It's often the initial question posed, setting the tone for the entire interview. Failing to prepare for this question can create a negative impression on potential employers and greatly diminish your chances of making a favorable impact or securing the job.

Understanding the Trap: Turning an Opportunity into a Compelling …

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