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Positioning is Key when it comes to Job Search

Calculating The Best Position For Job Opportunities

Let’s do the math.

  • Fewer jobs.

  • More applicants.

  • Should = some changes in how you go about marketing yourself

Because I have been through a few downturns of hiring cycles, I can tell you from experience how hiring executives think when it comes to either filling an existing role with a new person or opening up a new role. They want either:

  • The perfect candidate. One that exactly meets the requirements. No risk in the resume.

  • Or, someone who can wear se…

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International Job Search and Visa Sponsorship

Why would a company go the expense and time commitment of sponsoring a visa for someone, and in particular, someone who hasn’t landed in their target country yet and is trying to do a job search from overseas?

What are the possible reasons or motivations?

  1. The hiring company has multi-country operations (and in particular your home country + target country), and they have had success transplanting professionals from one to the other.

  2. You have domain experience that a company wants. Badly enough that…

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Your Job Search Should Never End

Interviewed by the Province newspaper’s Working section for their Sunday edition feature story on the benefits of keeping your antenna up in order to be visible and aware of potential new opportunities out there. AKA the Passive Job Search.

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Six Reasons Executive Recruiters will Talk to You

Kennedy Information is an authoritative source for information on executive recruitment and careers. I am pleased to have another exclusive article published in their most recent Executive Agent newsletter and Executive Registry newsletter. Six Reasons Executive Recruiters will Talk to You. Have a read.

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When a Bad Reference is a Good Thing For Your Career

  • Getting a great reference from your employer is an essential tool in your job search and an asset in managing your career. I even believe it is a right, assuming you were a good employee to have access to timely, thoughtful references. So, it would be natural to assume that if one of your references didn’t wholeheartedly recommend you for a job, it was a bad reference. Actually, they may have done you a favour. When is a bad reference a good thing?

Why job fit matters with employer referenc…

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man stretching in background

Making Work Life Balance a Priority in Your Job Search

Letting your career and your life work together

If the concept of work life balance sounds like an important and worthy goal, here are the steps I suggest you incorporate into your job search to help ensure that the job you land next is consistent with your priorities.

What Do You Mean by Work / Life Balance?

As with all labelled concepts, you need to define what you mean. Sure, the general concept is understood, but what does it specifically mean to you?

Without some definition, it is difficult for…

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