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The Problem with Career Decisions

Career development challenges

Which direction should I take my career?
Should I apply to this job posting?
Should I take this job offer?
Promotion? I guess that is the next logical thing...

I have observed over the years that personal decision making as it relates to career direction, job opportunities, and other issues that impact how you make a living is a weak skill set for most people.

Why is that? I think most people aren’t good at career decision making for 4 reasons:

1. Not enough practice

How ma…

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Your Physical Work Environment

Restructuring your work space

Questions for you: Where do you do your best work? Are there places where you do a certain kind of work better? What is the right space for you for a certain kind of work activity?

Me: I need to have multiple work environments for my best productivity. For example, I do my best writing either sitting outside on the deck (as I am now), in my living room, or, believe it or not, in a cafe. There is something about the ambient noise that allows me to write creatively.


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When to Take a Lower Position

Downshifting. Does it ever make sense to take a step down the career ladder? If you can get past that nagging, inborn sense that “going lower” can only be a sign of downward career mobility, the answer is yes. Taking a lesser position can help move your career forward if the job fits into a larger long-term plan. Read on to find out when a lower position might make sense, and how you can make such a transition successfully. When to take a lower position.


KEY TAKEAWAYS | Downshifting can help mo…

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Dealing with Career Setbacks

My most recent article was published today. The topic is Recovering from a Career Setback.

“You’re good at your job. You fit well with your team and within the organization. You receive solid performance appraisals and have a track record of accomplishment. Then, when the chance for that promotion you’ve been working toward finally arrives, you get passed over…”

Go here to read the article.

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References & Relationships

There is a growing and disturbing trend among US and Canadian companies to implement a policy of work confirmation-only references. In other words, their policy is to confirm employment, and that’s all. This is a major career management hurdle for all of us.

We all deserve references for work well done. They are, in effect, part of our compensation, a reward for work well done. So, given that you cannot impact company policy, what can you do?

What this trend does is highlight the importance of r…

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