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Map Your Industry to Build Market Reputation

How Well Do You Know Your Industry?

One of the valuable skills I learned during my years in the executive search industry was industry mapping.

I would receive an assignment for let's say a VP Logistics in a 3rd party supply chain company and over the course of a couple of weeks I would create a document that mapped the names and locations of the key players in the industry, their relative sizes, the names and titles in each company of the people related to the job and even try and figure out the …

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How to Ride a Career Wave - with 1 page PDF worksheet

Many professionals and executives have made a significant step in their career or even changed the trajectory of their career thanks to riding a wave. While it can happen accidentally, paying attention to your environment can significantly increase the likelihood of catching your next industry wave. Learn how to ride a career wave.

What is an Industry Wave?

Nothing more than a ripple far from shore, a wave slowly begins to pick up energy and size. The art of surfing is to spot the right wave, catc…

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Key Career Moments (part 2) | Four Strategies that Drive Results

Prepare For Success

Are you interested in more control over your professional journey? Want to unlock your career potential? Could you use more resilience in the face of events that impact your career? In part 1 of Key Career Moments, we looked at the 4 Key Events that Determine Your Future:

  • Transactions: Job interviews, performance reviews, negotiations, signing a big client

  • Forks in the road: Decision points about this or that opportunity and different directions

  • Encounters: Exposure and learning …

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Key Career Moments (part 1) | The 4 Key Events that Determine your Future

Seizing The Moment

In your professional journey, you experience key career moments that impact your direction and focus. To gain more control over your professional future, try viewing your career as comprised of two elements: these key career moments, and all of the work you do in-between. The important realization is that key events generate the content and quality of your work.

Some key career moments are predictable and others happen spontaneously, turning out in retrospect to be pivotal momen…

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15 Sources of Professional Competitive Advantage

Getting Ahead Of The Competition

On your professional journey, you have competition for great work situations, bigger roles and client projects. What is your competitive advantage?

Manage your Destiny

In the realm of managing your career, I can make some safe assumptions. You don’t want to be interchangeable with the person next to you. You would like a surplus vs. scarcity of professional opportunities. You want to be able to negotiate for work and compensation at least as an equal partner in the …

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Battle these 5 Forces to Achieve your Professional Development Goals

How To Conquer Your Career Challenges

I am so glad to be writing about this topic this week. You see, more than 80% of resolutions are dropped by January 17th. Great intentions at the beginning of the month slide away in the face of day-to-day pressures.

If you are intent on doing something with your career this year (and I hope you are…we should all be developing professionally), then you need more than will power.

You need to establish what you want. And then, you need to set firmly in your min…

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