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Key Career Moments (part 2) | Four Strategies that Drive Results

Prepare For Success

Are you interested in more control over your professional journey? Want to unlock your career potential? Could you use more resilience in the face of events that impact your career? In part 1 of Key Career Moments, we looked at the 4 Key Events that Determine Your Future:

  • Transactions: Job interviews, performance reviews, negotiations, signing a big client

  • Forks in the road: Decision points about this or that opportunity and different directions

  • Encounters: Exposure and learning …

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Key Career Moments (part 1) | The 4 Key Events that Determine your Future

Seizing The Moment

In your professional journey, you experience key career moments that impact your direction and focus. To gain more control over your professional future, try viewing your career as comprised of two elements: these key career moments, and all of the work you do in-between. The important realization is that key events generate the content and quality of your work.

Some key career moments are predictable and others happen spontaneously, turning out in retrospect to be pivotal momen…

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Show your Body of Work

Don’t Hide Your Professional Past

With extra coffee at my side this morning, I wanted to share my thoughts on the concept of our body of work and specifically explore the observation about how little we show what we’ve done. The combined forces of the web, technology and markets keep pushing towards transparency, accessibility and social proof. And it seems to me that we are increasingly working in a world where prospective buyers and our target audience want to see what have you done before deci…

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Are You Attracting Opportunity: Create an Attraction Marketing System

An Attraction Marketing System

As a member of the bold career project tribe, you have an interest in increasing your footprint in your target markets by developing relationships, connecting with potential buyers, establishing referral networks, building your reputation, and perhaps even developing an audience for your work. How are you going about it?

Push Marketing

The default personal marketing activity for most professionals is push-focused. We attempt to force our agenda and timeline against ex…

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Is Personal Marketing an Obligation

Getting Comfortable With Marketing Yourself

I believe you have unique value to offer the world. There are problems for you to solve. Projects to pursue. And a specific customer / audience to serve, whether that be internal or external to your organization. And to progress in your career, you will need to seek out higher level work to hone your skills and develop your expertise. If you want some control over your professional health, then I submit that you have an obligation to adopt personal mark…

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15 Sources of Professional Competitive Advantage

Getting Ahead Of The Competition

On your professional journey, you have competition for great work situations, bigger roles and client projects. What is your competitive advantage?

Manage your Destiny

In the realm of managing your career, I can make some safe assumptions. You don’t want to be interchangeable with the person next to you. You would like a surplus vs. scarcity of professional opportunities. You want to be able to negotiate for work and compensation at least as an equal partner in the …

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