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How much of YOU should go into your personal brand story and profile?

The YOU In Your Brand

I get to work with fascinating and inspiring clients. And a lot of what we do together as part of personal branding is making sense of the various threads of their stories. How they got here. What they offer. And where they’re going. I was meeting with a client this week who in addition to having built up a not-for-profit, has both an unusual early professional background and a rich, extra-curricular artistic life. The question:

How much of HER can and should go into her pers…

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Recommendations on LinkedIn's Viewers of this Profile Also Viewed Setting

Stop Diminishing the Impact of that Valuable Visit to Your LinkedIn Profile

There's a LinkedIn feature that in most cases does you no good, and may even harm the overall impression you're making on your LinkedIn profile. You can't see it when your editing or viewing your profile. And you have no control over it. What it looks like on your profile is only discoverable if you view your profile from someone else's account. That is, the Viewers of this profile also viewed setting.

What's the problem w…

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How to improve the work experience section in the new LinkedIn profile (Video)

Are you paying attention to the newly designed experience section in your LinkedIn Profile?

Why the bar has been raised (again) on the market's expectations of your profile

LinkedIn's new interface puts a lot of attention on your current experience via three changes.

  • They default your Summary content to closed (only showing two-lines of content)

  • They default your non-current / older work experience to closed (needs to be clicked to see what's there)

  • And they've defaulted your current experience co…

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map your industry become a player

Map Your Industry to Build Market Reputation

How Well Do You Know Your Industry?

One of the valuable skills I learned during my years in the executive search industry was industry mapping.

I would receive an assignment for let's say a VP Logistics in a 3rd party supply chain company and over the course of a couple of weeks I would create a document that mapped the names and locations of the key players in the industry, their relative sizes, the names and titles in each company of the people related to the job and even try and figure out the …

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More LinkedIn Value: Take Care of Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn Relationships

Our LinkedIn connections and other digital relationships require care and nurturing to prevent stagnation. I previously wrote about how you can better get to know your LinkedIn connections. Here, I cover ways to stay in touch and support your LinkedIn relationships on the fly. That is, during the normal course of your weekly internet activity.

Network & Emotions

Let’s start with why. I have a network. You have a network. But a network is a concept that only becomes real and …

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LinkedIn Tips - How to Get More Network Value from your LinkedIn Connections

Evaluating and Using Your LinkedIn Connections

While there are many important LinkedIn tips, having a focus on the relationship with our connections is critical. Once upon a time on LinkedIn, we only connected with people that we actually knew and endorsed. Today, its likely that you and I have connected with people who we wouldn’t recognize if we bumped into them on the street. In this article, I cover LinkedIn tips related to strengthening the relationship with select connections which increas…

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